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Thaliyah Cools-Lartigue is a movement artist and performer from Fairborn, Ohio, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at The Ohio State University (OSU). Her studies are centered on performance, improvisation, collaboration and exploring ways that dance can support cultural variety and identity. Her movement research is driven by the curiosity of how communication functions through dance performance.

Thaliyah has performed works by Daniel Roberts, Dr. Nyama McCarthy-Brown, Eddie Taketa, Jazelynn Goudy, Crystal Michelle Perkins, Momar Ndiaye, and Gary Abbott. In 2019, Thaliyah performed with the OSU Dance School Tours group in Columbus City Schools, creating connections within the Columbus community. In 2020, she traveled to Brazil with the OSU Dance Tour group engaging in a two-week performance and cultural exchange program. Thaliyah attended the Deeply Rooted Dance Theater Summer Dance Intensive in Chicago, Illinois, and the Abraham In Motion (A.I.M.) Winter Intensive in Los Angeles, California in 2020. She is a current recipient of the Helen P. Alkire Scholarship, Dean’s List Honoree and was awarded an OSU Undergraduate Fellowship in 2020.

Artist Statement:


My work focuses on the emotional experience and intimate conversations of dance performance. Dance is a communication system from the body and includes the relationship the body makes with surrounding environments. Through dance performance, I aim to create positive cultural exchanges and promote understanding with audience members.

Improvisation aides my curiosity in the existence of the unknown. I utilize sensorial inspirations to drive my movement decisions that explore characters of identity. I aim to access the space around me and push the limits of performance through natural body responses. In choreographic processes, I appreciate collaborative settings that encourage artistic exploration, cultural inclusivity, and community.

My work also focuses on performance and the altered reality that can be experienced on stage. I believe in this moment is where true connection between viewers and movers comes alive. I want to tell stories and perspectives that value ideas of gathering and support for one another.

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